Android App Development

I work with the latest android and android studio versions and ensure your app is compatible with older versions of mobile devices. I create enterprise mobility apps to utilities and games in android.

Iphone App Development

I utilizes latest technologies in creating simple user friendly IOS applications with stunning visual design & user experience.

Domain Maintenance

Has your website ever gone “offline” because you forgot to renew your domain name? Do you know who your domain registrar is, or did you “old web designer” took care of this for you but now you can’t track him down?

Web Hosting

Is your web site running slow? This could be from the quality of your host and/or performance issues with your website code. Do you get bills from your hosting company that you don’t know what they are for, or your website has gone offline because you forgot to pay your bill?

Website Content

Has your website not been updated recently because you don’t know how?  Don’t have time? Simply forgot about it? Think of how your customers will perceive your business when they see outdated content about your business.

Website Code

Technology changes at lightening speed on the internet. When was the last time that you updated the look of your website? Is your website code mobile friendly?  If not, this can really be hurting your business.

Web Design

What makes a great product is its user experience. Keeping a product user interface simple  and intuitive is an important objective in designing. Users react positively when interactivity of a product is user friendly.


At Eloneth, I make all effort to deliver awesome user experience through nice interface design.

Web Development

I offer static, responsive and custom website development solutions that meet the business needs of my clients globally.
I listen to your business objective and then plan with you to create a user friendly and responsive website that meet your requirement and potential clients’ expectations.

I create membership website, e-commerce website, blog, social media website and so on.

I use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery, PHP,  WordPress  among others to create awesome websites for my clients.

Content Management System

I build customized website using WordPress depending on a client’s business objective. I customize WordPress themes. I communicate with my clients to know what their needs are and then customize and build websites that meet their specifications.

After WordPress  websites are built, they can be managed by clients without much stress.


Web Development

Do you need a website to show case your business globally? Or you need someone to maintain or upgrade your website to be compatible with all devices and screen sizes? I am here to work with you. I Design and develop responsive, secured and interactive  websites for your business in order to target larger prospective clients globally.

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